16th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics

2018年9月5日(水) - 7日(金)
東京農業大学 世田谷キャンパス
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  • サカタのタネ
  • 株式会社ミツハシ
  • 大嶋農場
  • 公益財団法人 飯島藤十郎記念食品科学振興財団
  • NBRPイネ
  • 東京農業大学


The International Committee awards the “Best Posters Prize” for excellent posters presented by students or graduate students to promote next generation rice scientists.

The 16th International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics proudly presents to the following researchers as the Best Posters Prize.

  • Hsiang-Ting Lee (P005) Functional analysis of a rice PK gene on root development under flooding
  • Nili Wang (P011) Conservation and differentiations of the Salt Overly Sensitive (SOS) pathway in rice
  • Youngchul Yoo (P034) Caffeine, a panacea in rice: Caffeine-producing rice is resistant to bacterial leaf blight, rice blast, and white backed plant hoppers, as well as to drought and salt stress
  • Chun-Hsien Lu (P045) A Novel ABA-induced Protein Phosphatase Regulates Lateral Root Elongation and Diffusion Barrier Formation in Rice
  • Yue Lu (P053) DDM1 represses noncoding RNA expression and RNA-directed DNA methylation in heterochromatin
  • Ayaka Mayumi (P062) Genome wide DNA-DNA interaction map of rice
  • Hao Zhou (P075) Genome-wide association analyses reveal the genetic basis of stigma exsertion in rice
  • Shiho Tomiyama (P099) Conservation of inductive expression mechanism of diterpenoid phytoalexin biosynthetic gene clusters among the tribe Oryzeae
  • Ayumi Agata (P111) Functional and genetic analyses identify a gene regulating panicle architecture in rice
  • Sheng Huang (P113) Physiological and genetic characterization of a rice mutant with short roots


開催日:2018年9月10日(月)/場所:明治大学農学部(生田キャンパス) >>>詳細はこちら

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